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Project Overview

In order to have a finished Sport Court on your property, there are some key steps that have to be taken.

  1. First you should contact Sport Court to begin the process and select an appropriate court for your needs
  2. We will stake out the court size on the property
  3. Our team comes in and determines the elevations on your property, where the Sport Court is to be finished
  4. In this case a retaining wall was required in order to retain the soil due to the difference in elevations
  5. We then excavate the area
  6. We then bring in a stone base to ensure we have a proper surface on which the wall and concrete slab will sit
  7. Our team then installed a 2 course 18″ natural stone wall for both aesthetic and structural purposes
  8. We form and pour the concrete to the exact size and specifications required for the project
  9. Our final step is laying the selected colour tile with custom paint and finishing any accessories on your court
  10. We then also finish the landscaping around the court if required

These are all the steps taken in order to have a finished court, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us

Project Size

50×100 Residential Outdoor Court

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