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PowerGame+® is an outdoor play area solution designed and manufactured by Sport Court. It is dedicated to outdoor sports applications.  It is the safest solution compared to traditional surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.

PowerGame+® is a highly versatile, multi-sport surface.  You can build a new court, retrofit an existing space, or set up portable court for a tournament or event.  PowerGame+® is very easy to install and is a very economical and low-maintenance solution vs. other sports surfaces such as clay, painted asphalt and grass.

PowerGame+® has market-leading shock absorption and an improved critical fall height for best-in-class safety. It has excellent stability with the strongest locking system in the industry. It uses advanced production methods and materials for long weathering/UV fade resistance and excellent overall product quality. Aesthetically pleasing, with an open diamond pattern designed for ease of maintenance and minimal water retention.

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