How much room do I need to fit a Sport Court® game court in my backyard?

Sport Court® game courts are custom designed to fit not only the available space in your yard, but your family’s lifestyle, interests, and sports activities. So the answer is—we can build a court of almost any size or configuration.

What is the time frame to install a game court?

Depending on the size and scope of your court, we can have you ‘ready to play’ in a matter of days. Of course, site preparation, concrete placement, and busy schedules can require a little more time and planning. On average, count on about 2–3 weeks.

Are there court accessories available for purchase?

Sport Court® game courts feature the widest variety and highest quality of components, accessories, and equipment. Depending on your family’s interests, these could include our SlamSystem® hoops packages, with professional-style tempered glass backboards, lighting systems for night-time play, nets and racquets for tennis, badminton and other sports—virtually everything you would need for years of enjoyment and time together on your court.

May I pick more than one color for my game court?

We hope you will! Sport Court game courts offer an almost unlimited number of color options and combinations. Whether it’s your school colors, or just a scheme that will fit your house, yard, or neighborhood, you set the design, and we build the court! Check out our Court Builder to create your custom court!

Do you offer custom designs on game courts?

You can choose from one of the beautiful designs we’ve done, or sit down and create your own unique look with our CourtBuilder. And for a truly professional finish, we can create special logos of your alma mater, favorite team, or family crest, right on the surface of your court. There will be no question whose court your friends and neighbors are playing on!

If the sports surfacing becomes damaged, how difficult is it to replace?

Nothing simpler! Since Sport Court® game courts are constructed of durable polypropylene modules, the chance of any damage is slim; but, in the event one or two modules need to be replaced, we can quickly and easily fix the problem.

What does it cost to build a Sport Court® game court?

We can guide your design to include the features you want most within your budget, so you’ll get the court that is right for you and right for your budget.

How do I maintain my Sport Court® game court?

Maintenance and care of your Sport Court® game court is simple. A broom, blower, or hose can be used to keep the top surface free of debris, and since water drains quickly through the open grid, your court is ready for play soon after cleaning or inclement weather. We recommend an annual inspection and cleaning, check and grease components, replace nets and balls if necessary, and power-wash the sub-surface.

Why is the Sport Court® surface important? Can’t I just play on painted concrete?

Many of us grew up playing on a backyard concrete or asphalt slab—and some of us have the scars to prove it! The bottom line here is the safety of your children, and there is no outdoor sports surface that delivers a better combination of shock absorption (protection from injury), ball response, traction, and playability than our PowerGame® outdoor modular flooring. There are other choices available, but why would you trust the safety of your children to an inferior surface?

How long will a game court last?

Sport Court® game courts are constructed of the highest-quality and most durable materials. Your Sport Court® surfacing is covered by a 15-year limited warranty, and we expect it to deliver at least that many years of playability and fun for your family.

Is the surface slippery when wet?

Almost any surface—whether grass, artificial turf, or even concrete or asphalt—can be slippery when wet. We don’t recommend active play on any wet surface until the athlete has had the opportunity to test the surface and adjust his or her play accordingly. Fortunately, Sport Court’s open-grid design sheds water quickly, making it possible to return to action much sooner than with other surfaces, once the weather subsides.

Do I need a permit to build a backyard court?

In some communities, you may be required to get certain permits before building your backyard game court. We can help you navigate the required regulations. There may be some restrictions on size, proximity to your property line, drainage, fencing, or lights, and we can work together to manage those requirements.

Does Sport Court® flooring require a climate-controlled building?

Unlike many other indoor flooring systems, Sport Court® sports surfaces perform in a wide variety of climate conditions. Extremes of humidity, cold and heat generally present no problem to the playability and endurance of our sports floors, making Sport Court® a great alternative to wood and other sports floors.

How do Sport Court® floors compare cost-wise to other alternatives?

Sport Court® modular flooring provides durability and multi-sport playability at an affordable price. Sport Court® is typically less expensive than even basic suspended wood systems, and competes well against most other synthetic alternatives. From a life-cycle cost perspective, low maintenance costs and long-term durability make Sport Court® the smart budget choice.

How is Sport Court® flooring affected by moisture?

Unlike wood and most synthetic floors, Sport Court’s modular systems are virtually unaffected by water, whether in vapor form emitting from concrete slabs or sub-surface, or even (in most circumstances) in case of flood or submersion. Many Sport Court® surfaces have been used to retrofit other systems damaged by flooding (and where the possibility of future floods exist). The polypropylene used in our surface is impervious to water damage.

Does Sport Court® use any hazardous chemicals or materials in its manufacturing processes or installation?

No. Sport Court® products meet all safety standards and contain no hazardous chemicals. Some paint and coatings require ventilation during application, but leave no harmful residues or compounds behind.

What colors do you offer?

Sport Court® modular sports floors can be produced in almost any color you desire. In addition to our standard palette of 16 stock colors, we can also design to your color specifications, to match school or other desired color schemes. In addition, we can create unique logos and other designs to personalize your floor, or utilize different colored sections to help you establish your activity schemes and teaching curriculum.

What makes Sport Court® surfaces different from others?

There are many available options when it comes to indoor flooring, but few offer the versatility and multi-purpose applications of Sport Court®. We have a few competitors in the modular field, but the most they can claim is that ‘they’re like Sport Court’—no one else has the history of pioneering and creating unique, playable, and safe surfaces for sports. And compared to wood and other synthetic sports floors, no other product delivers more for less, or can be used in as wide a variety of applications.

Does Sport Court® flooring provide any safety benefits?

Sport Court® suspended surfaces are among the safest in the world. Our patented Lateral Forgiveness® provides protection against the stresses on limbs and joints, and we can adjust the shock absorption values to almost any level desired.

How well does the ball bounce compared to other basketball floors?

Ball response is one of the performance characteristics governed and measured in the DIN standards, which are the acknowledged metrics for basketball floors. DIN-certified basketball floors must deliver at least 90% ball response, and Sport Court® surfaces typically range between 93% and 100% ball response values.

Can I use my court as an ice rink in the winter?

Absolutely, your court can be converted in a natural ice rink or refrigerated rink. Sport Court Ontario can look after both options, including offering a variety of hockey board systems to complete your hockey rink.

Do we have to install the court ourselves?

No, this is not a DIY court project. We offer total customization to all the features while offering our design and technical expertise and then take care of the installation according to the plans made.

About Sport Court®

Some of the Sport Court® applications are:
Mutli-sport game courts Basketball, Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Inline, Soccer, Lacrosse and all Racquet sports.

Sport Court® offers netting systems for Basketball, Hockey, Rebounders, Multi-sport Adjustments, Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball. Lighting Systems offered for Ball Hockey Facilities, Gymnasiums, Sport Camps and all of our court applications.

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