Game. Set. Match.

Backyards come in all shapes and sizes. So do Sport Court­™ game courts. Because we custom fit every game court we install, you’re sure to get a court that accommodates your yard, your family, your favorite sports and your budget.

When you decide to have a Sport Court™ game court installed in your backyard you’re doing more than purchasing the world’s finest recreation surface and equipment, your investing in a new family game plan, focused on a lifetime of improved health and increased family time.

Serving Ontario

We are proud to install Sport Court™ game courts all over Ontario since 2001. Sport Court Ontario is the only authorized installer in Ontario for this premiere product.

Learn more about why a Sport Court™ stands out from competitors.

Dream Big

Customize your court with indoor or outdoor surfaces, netting, fencing, lighting and more! We work with you (and your budget) to make your dream court a reality.

Get in the Game

60” Glass Padded Backboard Driveway system, adjustable 6ft to 10ft, padded pole, A BOY and HIS BASKETBALL PRICELESS...... ...

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A huge thank you again for everything Scott. We appreciate all the effort from you, Felix, Patty and the entire team. We couldn’t be happier with the court! ...

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Sport Court’s Power Game surfacing 42x76, 2 adjustable slam basketball systems, removable multi sport net adjustment system, double heads light and ball containment make this one spectacular! ...

37 1

Spring has sprung. Are your kids having fun? ...

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SO Wonderful to get messages like this from customers! Subject line on the email is - BEST INVESTMENT EVER ...

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