Testimonials Sport Court Ontario

In 1974 Sports Court International built the first backyard game court. One of the amazing aspects of your backyard Sport Court game court is its boundless versatility.

Backyards come in all shapes and sizes. So do Sport Court games courts. Because we custom fit every game court we install, you're sure to get a court that accommodates your yard, your family, your favorite sports and your budget.

  • Just wanted to let you know my boys and their friends use the sport court to play basketball every day sometimes for hours at a time and until late at night. We have had extensive poolscapes in our backyards in the past but I must say the sport court gets more use than any of our pools ever did. Pools were not even close to use of the sport court!

    It’s nice to watch my sons and their friends enjoy it every single day. It has been 10 years since the sport court was installed and it has been the best investment we have ever made!

    John M. Burlington, Ontario

  • Working with Scott and Sport Court was a great experience. The process was easy, pricing was very competitive and the quality or work exceptional. Scott make some great suggestions regarding netting options – introducing us to the multi-court option, in addition to the basketball court. When I consider all of the things we have done to our backyard, the best expenditure by far was the Sport Court. I highly recommend using Sport Court.

    Jason & Corry, Toronto

  • Hi Scott. I just wanted to tell you how awesome the Sport Court is!! Jeff and I looked at each other and wondered why we didn't put one in years ago. Such a pleasure to watch Jordan and his friends playing sports in the backyard. Usually by now, they would have been in the house playing Xbox or talking on iChat. Truly the best investment we have made in a long time. You and your crew were a pleasure to deal with. Wishing you a great long weekend.



    Our three kids are constantly out playing on the court (along with the neighbourhood friends) It has been a fantastic investment and is used, literally, every day. We always know where our kids are and the T.V is not even turned on many days. Scott and his crew were excellent with the planning and finishing on time! We highly recommend a Sport Court and look forward to our family enjoying the court for years to come.

    Joel & Laura Lightheart

  • Eric and the boys just left. They worked very hard and got the court in and painted up with precision line markings. They were clean and respectful and professional about their work.

    We made some changes on the job site to take advantage of the layout and the border that i had in place. They were very helpful with options they knew would work well with our needs. It also saved us from using the Black Edging around the court.

    Mike Foligno
    Assistant Coach

  • Dear Scott, this past year our family under took a sizable "Backyard Getaway" project. The project included extensive hard and soft scape, pool, Cabana and of course a sport court.

    With a project of this scale you can imagine we had to deal with many different trades, personalities and of coursecustomer care. We would like to express our gratitude to you and your team. Your team delivered on all counts including design, execution (timely), scheduling and integrity. Not only did you deliver on all counts you also included no charge,above and beyond our expectationsbefore, during and after market CUSTOMER CARE!

    We would refer you and your team any day,unfortunately as for the other contractors we had the miss-fortune to deal with we cannot saysame to be true. Your team of installers were courteous, professional, trained and skilled. They are a reflection of your leadership, your companies approach to Customer Care was refreshing, and you truly stand in a league of your own!

    Our family and friends are enjoying all 4 seasons your product offers, including many hours of fun filled activities like, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Volley ball, roller hockey and more…in no particular order.

    Thanks again and it was a pleasure to deal with the whole team fromSportCourt.ca!!!

    The Garofalo family
    Extremely Happy Sportcourt.ca Customer!!!

  • "My 2 and 5 year old boys and their friends all love playing on the Sport Court we put in our back yard even more than I thought they would, but what most impressed me was the level of service I received. The true test of a company is how they react when a problem arises. We had a minor issue with our order and Scott was quick to respond and ensure our complete satisfaction. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sport Court Ontario to anyone."

    "My 2 and 5 year old boys and their friends all love playing on the Sport Court we put in our back yard even more than I thought they would, but what most impressed me was the level of service I received. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sport Court Ontario to anyone."

    Bryan Reid
    Ottawa, Ontario

  • I think it looks great! I am really pleased. Thanks for being so prompt with the installation, it is nice to have a trade stay true to what they promised.

    Helen Braithwaite

  • Our family has been through many renovations and construction projects and both Melanie and I feel dollar for dollar it has been the best money we have ever spent. Our two boys and now most of the neighbourhood kids congregate in our backyard playing road hockey, basketball, badminton. The rebounder is great for batting practice !!

    We had a perfect ice surface this past winter and our two boys skating skills improved dramatically. Our one regret would be not incorporating a lighting system so we can extend our family fun long after the sun goes down.


    Jay McMamon (Orangeville Ontario)

  • The Non-believer Converted!

    When my husband first told me about wanting a sport court for my three boys - I thought what a waste of money.

    Well, we have had our sport court completed for a few months now and I can't believe how much my boys use it. We have a mini version and they play hockey, basketball and even baseball. My kids are out there all the time and I am now convinced that it was the best money we have spent in a long time.

    I love my sport court and would recommend it to anyone.

    Carolyn Salmon (Burlington Ontario)

  • "Wow, we were so tired of painting or staining our deck every year, and now we just enjoy relaxing on our new beautiful looking deck"

    Don & Bonnie Wardle